Martina Doleshal, MSc, MBA

Martina DoleshalI partner with organizations to find practical, creative and sustainable ways to achieve their business objective and leverage existing resources. I collaboratively work with entrepreneurs to create a cohesive vision and strategy for future growth. I help biotech and healthcare companies to qualitatively assess, select, and develop healthcare innovations (both products and services) with the greatest potential for return on investment. I am a skilled facilitator and enjoy creating team alignment and driving rapid execution of strategic projects to enable key product launches. I've helped successfully launch healthcare products into global markets and diverse regulatory environments for startups and companies like Novartis.


Key services for all stages of the product/portfolio life cycle

  • Technical and commercial feasibility evaluation of business innovation
  • Mapping customer journey to assess how the product would be used by the target customers
  • Primary and secondary market research within diverse healthcare and enterprise sectors
  • Design and prototyping workshops to enable faster customer feedback and product development
  • Voice of Customer initiatives to define / refine product requirements & optimize product features
  • Evaluation of target market and high-level opportunity size (initial TAM, market and customer fit) 
  • Unmet need perception, and strategic fit within current standard (standard of care in healthcare markets) 
  • Assessment of product technology fit within the current infrastructure 
  • Competitive market evaluation and possibility of market penetration
  • Design of possible business models / testing of current business model
  • Evaluation and redesign of internal processes to increase effectiveness
  • Key Opinion Leaders identification and relationship building

(Founder of Doleshal Consulting Group)